We are moving back to in-person meetings. Email David Larson for more information.

Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Suicide Text: 741741

Crisis Hotline: (316) 660-7500

President’s Message

We are coming into a very busy and exciting fall season of NAMI.  Since the NAMI State Convention will be held here in Wichita at Wichita State University, October 17 and 18, we encourage all members and friends of NAMI Wichita to take advantage of the close proximity and come!  The theme is:  Diversity: Mental Health for All. 


We have at least two of our members registered to go to the NAMI National Convention, which is in Washington, D.C. this year.  The theme is: Advocates for Change: From Dialogue to Action.  We always look forward to reports from our NAMI Wichita representatives to the National Convention upon their return. The convention was moved from summer to September this election year and will give NAMI a chance to have their voice heard in the capital prior to the elections.


I am also excited to report that we have three classes scheduled for fall:  Family to Family, for family members of those who live with a mental illness; Peer to Peer, for members who live with a mental illness; and NAMI Basics, for family members who have a younger child still in school who lives with a mental illness.  Check further in this newsletter for specifics on those classes.


Keep coming to Ask the Doctor, the Family Support group and the Connections group, held the third Tuesday of every month.  Our next one will be August 19 at 6:00.  That is where we really connect with one another, and give each other encouragement and hope.  Hope to see you soon.

Janet Brumbaugh


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