We are moving back to in-person meetings. Email David Larson for more information.

Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Suicide Text: 741741

Crisis Hotline: (316) 660-7500


Can Mental Illness be Prevented or Cured?

Since the causes of long term mental illness brain disorders are not known, there is no effective prevention or cure at this time. However, there are treatments available which can substantially improve the function of persons with these disorders.

Basic Outpatient Services

These are the traditional services found in the outpatient clinics that might include therapy and case management.

Wellness Centers/Client Run Centers

Wellness Centers/Client Run Centers are the response to the need for services for clients who have progressed to the point where traditional outpatient services aren’t necessary, but some support and socialization is needed for maintenance and to prevent a significant relapse. The Client/Run Centers are different in that a client doesn’t have to be a Medical patient and can be enrolled in a clinic outside of agency that provides services.

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