About Us

What is NAMI?

NAMI is a national, non-profit grassroots organization comprised of consumers, family members, and friends of people affected by biological brain disorders such as schizophrenia, major depression, and bipolar disorder.

Founded in 1979, NAMI is hundreds of thousands of members strong and seeks to provide education, support, and advocacy for people affected by severe and persistent mental illness.

NAMI Wichita's Mission

The NAMI Wichita mission is to provide education and support for persons living with mental illness and
their families; to provide support for research on brain disorders; and to provide public education and
advocacy to promote mental health systems change with the hope that persons with mental illness may
achieve the highest possible quality of life.

Board of Directors

Other Volunteer Positions

David Peterson

Vice President
Officer James Hook

Dan Smading

Richard Morley

Board Members at Large
Barbara Andres,
Brittany Brest,
David E Larson,
Laura Rosenbaum,
Rommy Vargas
Bernestine Williams

NAMI Connection Facilitators
Darla Denton,
David E Larson,
Nancy Ross,
Columbine Schwanke

Family Support Group Facilitators
Vicki Emmart
Gerry Lichti
Valerie Morley
Vicki Shook

NAMI Wichita Phone
David Peterson

Volunteer Needed

Community Projects Coordinator
Gerry Lichti

Program Committee
Gerry Lichti
Columbine Schwanke

NAMI Kansas Affiliate Council Representatives
Officer James Hook
David E Larson
Dave Peterson

NAMI Kansas Peer Leadership Council
Darla Denton
Brittany Brest

NAMI Kansas Veterans' Council Representatives
Tony Nutz
Douglas Winkley

Newsletter Editor
Lynn Kohr

Brainstorming Editor
Lynn Kohr

Website Manager 
Justin Barrow
Nicole Cox
Darla Denton
David E Larson

NAMI Profile Center
Darla Denton
Lynn Kohr

KU Liaison
Vickie Emmart

Wichita Police Department Liaison
Officer James Hook

Volunteer Opportunities

NAMI Wichita is a volunteer organization, and we need you! While we are in need of individuals with the following expertise, we always welcome anyone who would like to further our mission in any way possible. Please contact us at 316-686-1373 for further information.

  • Transportation- Offering transportation to those needing help to or from events
  • Grant Writing & Fundraising
  • Photography or Videography Expertise
  • Legal or Medical Expertise